About me

11112870_549086681899411_376799308454909321_nHello! I’m Mireia Moreno Sellarés, spanish illustrator raised in Barcelona and actually based in Tokyo, Japan, with my family.

Always loved to draw but it wasn’t until hight school that I’ve decided to make a life into it. So I’ve started to be in touch with the fine arts at Escola La Massana, where I learnt a lot of different artistic techniques and different classes of art. Such as nude and natural painting, protography, all kinds of dessign and sculpture.
After that, went to Escola Joso, where I’ve started to have the basis of my actual professional life while doing a four years course of Graphic Design where I’ve learned comic, animation, illustration and character dessign.

The year I’ve finished my studies suddenly decided to go to Japan as an adventure. After that, always worked as a freelancer for some editorial, company, magazine or for myself.

I’m really passionate and I love to do a perfect job. I can do lot of styles, even lately, because of work, I always end up working on the same one. I’m really creative with always having lot of new ideas often I can’t handle by myself. I love colours, that’s why I like to work with a big palete of colours. And details.

I published my first book on April 2012 under the name “Que sigui Festa Major!”, wrote by Xavier Sanjuan and full illustrated by me.

If you want, you can download my full resume in here.
And here a PDF with my portfolio.

Thanks for the visit!!